Transaction Statement

7 April 2010 Paris, France
Shareholder Pact

A shareholder pact was signed on October 25, 2000 between the Company’s founding shareholders and members of the Rouvray family.

On April 2 2010, Mr Jacques Dubois, a Director and a member of the Company’s founding group, divested some of the ESI Group shares he held in order to diversify his assets.

Mr Alain de Rouvray, ESI Group’s Chairman and CEO, acquired these 60,000 shares, thus showing his commitment to the Company and his confidence in its long-term growth and profitability prospects.

Following this transaction, the founding group’s shareholding in ESI remains stable, with a 39.1% stake. Given the loss of eligibility of the double voting rights associated with these shares, the founding group henceforth holds 58.6% of voting rights, versus a previous figure of 58.9%.

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