Strengthening of the Group Executive Committee, in accordance with the Group’s strategy

7 March 2016 Paris, France

ESI Group today announces three significant appointments that strengthen and diversify the Group Executive Committee (GEC) and better reflect its positioning and strategic ambitions for international deployment of its global virtual prototyping offer.

ESI is pleased to welcome to the Group and to nominate to the GEC, from March 1, 2016, Christian Tanasescu as Executive Vice President Systems Modeling and Data Analytics. He will notably be in charge of the recently-integrated technologies of the future (’2nd Machine Age’).

Christian Matzen also joins the GEC and is promoted Executive Vice President Immersive Virtual Prototyping, which regroups the different components of ESI’s virtual prototyping solution.

The scope of the GEC is also expanded to include the Executive Managing Director of EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa and including India and South America), Marco Gremaud. Appointed to this role from 2014, and now joining the GEC, he is accountable for assuring strategic alignment and synergetic actions across his scope of responsibility.

Christian TANASESCU - Executive Vice President, Systems Modeling and Data Analytics

Christian Tanasescu

Christian Tanasescu holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest (Romania). Prior to joining ESI Group Christian Tanasescu served in several executive roles in the High Performance Computing and Data Analytics markets. After spending 3 years at Siemens-Nixdorf, he joined Silicon Graphics as the head of the supercomputing applications and benchmarking organization. In 2009 he became Vice President of Applications and Engineering at SGI in US, and was later appointed Vice President and General Manager of their Visual Analytics business unit. 

Christian brings to ESI Group his strong experience in the development and marketing of technologies of the future, and notably big data visual analysis and machine learning. With an extensive market knowledge, he will contribute to strengthening ESI’s positioning and to the development of strategic innovation partnerships, enabling the coupling of 3D/4D virtual prototyping with the 0D/1D systems, and the piloting of interactions with the exponential flows of information coming from the ‘Internet of Things’.


Christian MATZEN - Executive Vice President, Immersive Virtual Prototyping

Christian MatzenChristian joined the Group as Managing Director when the virtual reality solution IC.IDO was acquired in 2011. His operational expertise and strategic knowledge of industrial needs will strengthen synergies between the Group’s longstanding know-how in virtual prototyping and the disruptive, immersive and collaborative solution of virtual reality.


Marco GREMAUD – Executive Managing Director for EMEA

Marco Gremaud

Marco joined ESI in 2002. With a strong international experience in CAE sales and marketing development, Marco has for the past two years focused on the Group’s consolidation in Europe and on its evolution by amplifying regional synergies and pursuing the promotion of innovative solutions and strategic partnerships.



Composition of the ESI Group Executive Committee (GEC) 

GEC composition

From left to right:

  • Christian Tanasescu, EVP Systems Modeling and Data Analytics
  • Marco Gremaud, Executive Managing Director for EMEA
  • Mike Salari, EVP Engineering Services
  • Laurent Bastian, CFO
  • Vincent Chaillou, President Edition Operations and Group COO
  • Alain de Rouvray, Chairman and CEO
  • Christopher St.John, Group COO, Head of Field and Support Operations, acting as  Human Resources Director
  • Peter Schmitt, EVP Sales & Marketing
  • Corinne Romefort-Régnier, Corporate Governance and Financial Communications Manager
  • Christian Matzen, EVP Immersive Virtual Prototyping 

To see the detailed biographies of Group Executive Committee members, please click here

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