ESI Group reinforces its leadership team

6 February 2012 Paris, France
Appointment of Naury Birnbaum as Chief Strategy Officer

ESI Group, a pioneer and world leader in virtual prototyping solutions today announced the appointment of Naury Birnbaum as Chief Strategy Officer and member of the Group Executive Committee.

In this newly created position, Naury will strengthen the international management organization and contribute to the growth strategy focusing on industry sector diversification and M&A programs.

Alain de Rouvray, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ESI Group, commented: “We heartily welcome Naury Birnbaum as a new member of our Group Executive Committee. Naury will contribute a unique software industry experience having participating in several major industrial software ventures in the domain of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)”. His international experience of this market and customer-focused thinking will be key drivers to lead our international development strategy.”

A pioneer in Mechanical CAE, Naury was President of PISCES International in the 1970’s and 80’s developing, marketing, and supporting the PISCES* software globally. From 1985 to 2005, Naury was co-founder and CEO of Century Dynamics (CDI) the provider of the renowned AUTODYN software with a substantial worldwide user base in energy and aerospace applications. In 2005, CDI was acquired by ANSYS, today’s world leading MCAE software vendor. Naury became the ANSYS General Manager for Explicit and Offshore Products. More recently, Naury was entrusted as Vice President, Business Strategy at ANSYS, active in Industry Marketing, Corporate and Product Strategy, and M&A focused on key markets in Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Energy, Turbomachinery, Civil Engineering, Consumer Products, and Healthcare.

Naury commented, “I am very happy to join ESI Group at a time when the Company is remarkably well positioned to accelerate its comprehensive offering of world-class virtual prototyping solutions. As a member of ESI’s Group Executive Committee I am excited by the prospect of providing leadership in formulating and executing global strategies to spur innovative Virtual Engineering in key industries and to successfully propel ESI’s growth to the next level.”

*PISCES, a leading US software for simulating high energy physics of engineering materials, was later acquired by MSC Software in 1989.

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