ESI Group is eligible for the PEA PME

27 March 2014 Paris, France

Paris, France – March 27, 2014 – ESI Group, pioneer and world- leading solution provider in Virtual Prototyping, announces its eligibility to the PEA-PME tax arrangement (French Equity Savings Plan for small and medium enterprises). 

ESI Group confirms being eligible to the new tax arrangement PEA-PME and meeting the criteria set out in the implementing Decree n°2014-283, issued on March 4th, namely annual turnover not exceeding €1,500 million, balance sheet total of less than €2,000 million and a workforce of fewer than 5,000 employees.

Consequently, investors may include ESI’s shares (ISIN: FR0004110310) in their PEA-PME accounts. The PEA-PME, implemented to foster investment in small and midsize enterprises, will benefit from the same advantages as traditional PEA.

For more information on the decree n°2014-283 click here.

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